Certification for the most reliable companies

Bisnode is an international company-rater that evaluates the financial stability and business reliability of every company. The rating process is based on a continuously measured and proven system of international experts. This way Packers Energo Ltd. has been chosen as one of the most reliable companies. Based on that, our company is one of those 9.82% of companies in Hungary, which deserves a Bisonde certification.

Our company has been doing business since 1997.

At the very beginning, it was involved in the production and packaging of FMCG products. (fruit tea, popcorn, chips, etc.) Due to pressure from foreign companies, the company had to be restructured. Therefore we started to put our focus on the construction sector. Until 2010, construction activity was successful. (In 10 years, we have completed the construction of 32 houses, 5 apartment blocks, and 2 SKODA salons). From 2008 we have started research and development of solar lighting. We were awarded at the Hannover World Expo with our solar developments in 2010, then we won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011. Our current developments are solar-based phone chargers (integrated into the lamp poses), which can be useful on beaches, in parks, etc. We are also started to develop solar water pumps (for the African market, water-poor areas and especially with the purpose to ensure water for wild animals) Currently, products are being tested with positive feedback.

It is a honor for us to be one of the bests, based on Bisnode’s objective rating. We pay attention to acting fairly in business, therefore it is important for us that an external expert has confirmed that the chance for Packers being insolvent is extremely low. We believe, with a Bisnode certification we will continue to build trust with our customers, suppliers and employees, which are important in long-term, stable business relationships. As the stability of our company has been acknowledged, by an independent expert, Bisnode conveys the message that we are doing well on our way. Because our company is qualified strictly by professional aspects and these certifications cannot be applied or applied for, the Bisnode certification really sets our company on the market in a positive way.

Packers Energo Light Ltd. has been reached Bisonde AAA certification. Only 0.63 % of the companies in Hungary have AAA (triple A) rating, and therefore the financial risks of establishing business relations with us are extremely low.

Internationally, Bisnode has been rating companies in view of their reliabilities since 1908; its company information and company rating services are among the most wide-spread solutions across Europe. The AAA rating was introduced in 1989, and it is 1996 since companies have had the option to demonstrate their business reliability in the form of certificates, as well. The certificate is a means of showing to others that your company is a recognized, reliable and creditworthy entity. The Bisnode certification is used in several European countries, especially in Scandinavian countries is an etalon in case of business.

Bisnode certification is based on data from several official sources, such as the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, company registration, TAX authority, and other authorities. In addition to official sources, it integrates financial information about the company, such as financial balance sheets, income statements, trends. The rating taking into account the demographic info of the company or organization, such as age, activity, size, ownership, and affiliation. The Bisnode Payment Experience Program integrates into the certification that a business pays its bills on time or with delay as well. In addition to the above, many other collected information is added to the Bisnode certification, such as fulfilments or press releases.

As the Bisnode certification not only shows the current financial stability but also showing the upcoming business year, we can proudly say that PacKerS – Energo Light Kft. will remain a stable player in the market.

Our employees, who played a key role to achieve these successes:

  • Tibor Kiss
  • Péter Nagy
  • Gyula Kelemen
  • Tamás Jeney
  • Szabolcs Molnár