Our company’s goal to design efficient and energy-saving public lighting solutions. We are committed to providing cutting-edge light sources by using renewable energy and as its result to serve environment-friendly cost-effective solutions.

Nowadays to use green technologies -instead of conventional ones- is a must. The pressure on the governments, local municipalities is getting higher, not to mention the increasing maintenance costs of the older technologies.

According to our philosophy there is a need for a forward-looking, cost-efficient, reliable-working, planable, energy-saving system with the purpose to solve the public lighting needs. In the past few years, there were efforts by the electricity service providers to reduce the lighting costs. Nonetheless, the breakthrough is definitely the reduction of lighting power for all the lamps during the late-night hours.

Among others our company can offer alternative and effective solution:

Díj– Our awarded development combined with an LED lighting source and own-developed software results in a power-saving, cost-efficient lighting concept, which can also be used on an existing electricity network (AC), or operate an island-system by using the nature’s power (solar and/or wind power).

By the application of the software -which is implemented in the lamps- is reduced the nominal consumption value even by 40%, but in parallel, it keeps the brightness level on 55%. It means that the brightness value (Lumen) does not decrease in proportion to the operation. The software also allows to adjust seasons, which provide the most cost-efficient distribution of light according to the current season. Therefore our products can be used for public street lighting, sports field lighting or other cost-effective lighting purposes.

With our lighting-software development we won the bronze medal at Seoul International Invention Fair in 2009.


More about us…

Our company has been established in 1997 as a family business. Since then our company is involved in the following sectors:


  • Construction planning and implementation,
  • Distribution of soil anchoring systems,
  • Design, operation and implementation of energy efficient public lighting systems,
  • Design, operation and implementation of lighting technologies using renewable energy.

The main profile of our company were the construction design and implementation. During our work, we faced countless times with energy-wasting solutions of public lighting. With our specialized knowledge, we have started to develop – using LED technology- light sources in the field of public lighting. Our goal is to offer cost-efficient, innovative lighting solutions for the municipalities by tailor-made solutions according to their wishes.

Why LED?

LED operates differently than conventional light sources. LEDs do not achieve its lighting emissions by warming and glowing of a metal fiber as Wolfram lighting does. There are no faulty components and no need for multi-kilovolt at the time of ignition. Lamps with LED light sources are able to illuminate immediately on its operating level when switched on. It can be switched on and off any time without the risk of damage to the light source. All this comes with better optical results and electrical efficiency, moreover, it reduces wasted power. Furthermore, the LED solution provides its light in natural white colour. Lamps powered by LEDs has got multiplied lifetime compared to conventional bulbs (min. 50,000 operating hours). The advantage of LED is that the expiration of the lifetime does not mean that the light source ceases immediately, but that the light power is reducing by 20-25%.

Reliability, quality work, stability, and rational design-work have always been the focus of our business. The experience of recent years and our professional insight have made it clear how important is environmental protection and using energy rationally way. For this reason, in 2008 we introduced a new line of business: our own developed public lighting systems. Those can also be operated with a solar cell (in island mode). Our software system allows to our clients to radically reduce, or even make free the operational costs in public lighting. The software also allows adjusting seasons, which provide the most cost-efficient distribution of light regarding the current season.

We targeted also EU markets with our public lighting solutions. Thanks to our efforts, we reach a presence in some European countries. At our company, we are proud of our in-house, 100% Hungarian developments and we are considering it important to employ the Hungarian workforce. From 2009, we achieved numerous references in the domestic market as well with our continuously tested and reliably well-functioning products.

To us, it is important to enhance the natural environment. We would like to make a significant contribution to the aesthetic modernization of public lighting developments in the cities of Hungary and abroad.